Buy McDonald’s, Taco Bell on Weed Legalization?

Buy McDonald’s, Taco Bell on Weed Legalization?
Reflecting that the firm is aware of its position as a favorite among weed users, Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s invested in a billboard ad in New Mexico (which allows only medical use of marijuana)
which states, “Usually when you roll something this good, it’s illegal.” The chain later took the hit billboard town, releasing a statement indicating that it did not meet the company’s standards.
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Fast food sales are surging in states where marijuana is legal, reports Bloomberg, citing a new study by cannabis financial news website Green Market Report
and Houston-based research firm Consumer Research Around Cannabis.
Brands Inc.’s (YUM) Taco Bell with 18% visiting over the last month, followed by Wendys Co. (WEN) at 17.8%, Restaurant
Brands International Inc.’s (QSR) Burger King at 17.6%, Subway at 8.7% and YUM’s Kentucky Fried Chicken at 5.5%.
According to the online survey, which included 27,500 respondents
and was conducted in 25 markets where marijuana has been legalized and a with base population of 55 million, legal marijuana consumers overwhelmingly chose McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) as their go-to munchie spot.
"McDonald’s wins by virtue of the sheer number of locations—by default really,” said Jeff Stein, vice president of Consumer Research Around Cannabis.
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