Slotland Online Slot Casino And Their 24 Unique Slot Machine Games

Slotland Online Slot Casino and their 24 Unique Slot Machine Games right here in this video......

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With over 13 years of experience in the online casino industry, Slotland has established itself as a unique and highly trusted brand among players. Sloland Slots Casino have hundreds of thousands of satisfied slot players and the numbers continue to grow. Play online slots for real money powered by their proprietary software and hit the Jackpot of $125,000 with a single spin!

Slotland is one of the longest running online casinos offering one-of-a-kind no download slots and casino games. At Slotland you will experience unique, individualized online slots with BIG progressive jackpots. "Here's where YOU can experience the best slots online...!"

Slotland has a strong position in the online casino industry, they also ensure that their games are widely accessible and compatible with all available platforms. Play Slotland mobile slots on your cell phone, MAC, iPad, PC, AOL, PS3, MSNTV, we support every browser in the world.

Here is a list of the Slot machines at Slotland:

Carnival; A 5 wheel 19 payline slot machine with a shooting gallery bonus game!

Greatest Hits; A 5 wheel 19 payline slot machine with a bonus game inspired by the music industry!

Double Luck; A 5 wheel 9 payline slot machine with an amazing Gamble feature!

Fruit Mania; A 5 wheel 15 payline fruit slot machine with 5 amazing bonus features!

Pearls of Atlantis; A 5 wheel, 9 payline slot with a Wheel of Fortune bonus game.

Tikal Treasure; A 5 wheel, 25 payline slot machine with a fun and interactive bonus game!

Jewels of the Ancients; A 5 wheel, 19 payline slot with a cool bonus puzzle!

Witch's Brew; Enjoy WILD symbols and brew yourself a Jackpot potion on this single payline slot machine!

Lucky Ducts; A 5 wheel, 19 payline slot where wins are multiplied up to 50 times and you get Free Spins!

Treasure Box; Play this multi-reel slot for a unique slot experience. Hold reels or hit the treasury bonus!

Golden 8; A 9 wheel, 8 payline slot machine. Start collecting diamonds for free bonus spins!

Jacks or Better; Play Jacks or Better to obtain the best slot poker hand!

Wild Heart; Try this triple video poker game and use the wild cards to increase your chances!

Reel Riot; Hold the reels of Reel Riot to get the best win or enjoy the exciting bonus game!

Mega Spin; Spin the reels of MegaSpin to multiply your winnings and get Free Spins.

Booster; Boost your bet by 10 times to increase your winnings on this 3 wheel slot machine.
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