Ready For War - NATO Continues to Prepare for War with Russia.

Ready For War - NATO Continues to Prepare for War with Russia | Latest HD

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-----AMAZING !!! Investment For UK Submarine Industry Half of Russians fear that the Syrian crisis triggered a third world war: According to a survey, almost one Russian in two considers likely triggering a global preserved because of the opposition between Moscow and the West on the Syrian issue. This does not prevent a majority of Russians support the Kremlin in Syria. 48% of Russians consider the likelihood of a third world war between Russia and the West in the near future as high or very high. 42% of them perceive it as poor or very poor, while 10% are incapable of giving their opinion about it. These are the results of a survey conducted by the Levada private research center, published on 31 October.

According to the same poll, a minority of Russians (35%) thought likely or very likely that Russia and the West will manage to find a mutual solution to the Syrian crisis, while 39% of them are betting on failure of both sides to agree on this difficult issue in the coming years.
Military support to Damascus always acclaimed in Russia

Despite these concerns, a small majority of respondents in the Russian Federation continues to support the efforts of its leaders in Syria: 52% of respondents approve indeed the Russian engagement with the Syrian government, while only 26 % of them say they have a negative or very negative view of it. Opinions based, according to the survey, on a real interest in the subject of foreign policy: 64% of respondents claim to be familiar with Russian action in Syria and the strikes carried out by the Kremlin in this country and the Middle East 18% go to ensure closely follow news on this topic.

Similarly, a survey conducted last month by the Russian public research center VTsIOM indicated that 73% of Russians considered the criticism by the West against air strikes against rebel forces in Aleppo (in Syria) were unfounded.

#Poutine Rejects the request of the Russian army to resume strikes on #Alep RT France (@RTenfrancais) October 29, 2016

The Russian army has supported since 2015 the Syrian government in its fight against the terrorists of the Islamic state and various other Jihadist group trend, as opposed to the moderate Syrian opposition.

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Ready For War, NATO Continues, to Prepare, for War, with Russia
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